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Hviezdičkové ohodnotenia pre hostiteľov

In addition to written reviews, star ratings are a quick way for guests to give you feedback. Guests can rate a stay or Experience in categories from 1 to 5 stars.

Star rating categories

Guests will rate their stays in the following categories—so bear these in mind when preparing for your next guest:

  • Overall experience: How was it?
  • Cleanliness: Did the place meet our standards?
  • Accuracy: Was it accurately represented with up-to-date photos and info?
  • Check-in: Was it easy?
  • Communication: Did the Host respond to messages promptly?
  • Location: Was the guest made aware of safety, transportation, points of interest, and special considerations like noise or other situations that might affect their stay?
  • Value: Was it worth the price?
  • Amenities: Was everything promised in the listing available and in good, working condition?

Note that Overall experience is a specific category where guests add a rating, not an average of the other categories.

Positive feedback for a rating

If a guest selects a positive rating (4 or 5), they will have the option to select what stood out to them. For example, if the guest selects 5 stars for Check-in, they will have the option to select things they liked, such as “Easy to find” or “Personal welcome.”

Negative feedback for a rating

If a guest selects a 3 star or less for a category, they’ll be presented with a different set of options to note what happened. Using Check-in as an example, they would have options such as “Hard to locate” or “ Unclear instructions.” If choosing 3-stars or less, a guest must select from these options to move forward.

Want to improve your rating? Learn how to create stays that get great reviews or get tips from interior designers and Superhosts.

Where guests can find your listing’s rating

Once at least 3 guests rate your listing, the average of their primary scores is shown near the title in search results and on the listing itself. Average overall scores by category can be found alongside the reviews. Preview your listing to check things out.

Ako si skontrolovať ohodnotenia hviezdičkami

Ako skontrolovať ohodnotenia hviezdičkami v počítači

  1. Kliknite na kartu Dnes a potom na Menu.
  2. Kliknite na Postrehy.
  3. Kliknite na Hodnotenia. Ak používate nástroje profesionálneho hostiteľstva, prejdite na Výkonnosť a kliknite na položku Kvalita.

How reviews are ranked

Reviews are ranked by chronological order and by relevance, which may take into consideration factors such as the reader's language and country of residence. Find more about how reviews are ordered or sorted and how we strive to make reviews and ratings more fair and accurate.

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