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Spravovanie komunikácie s hosťami

Hosting starts with a warm welcome, and your first message with your guests sets the tone for your future conversations. You can use Messages to connect with guests before, during, and after a trip.

Messaging guests

Guest information and reservation details are always available by tapping the header of each specific messaging thread. You’ll be able to differentiate between the “booker” and the “co-traveler” in the message thread.

To save time, check out quick replies and scheduled messages, which allow you to send personalized messages quickly and automatically.

Search messages

You can quickly and easily search your messages by specific word, guest name, or confirmation code using the Search box at the top of the message thread list. If you can’t remember a person’s name or topic of conversation, just start typing to see possible results in real-time.

Filters keep you focused

Organization starts with the filters. You can apply a quick filter to differentiate the type of thread you want to access. Ex: Hosting, Support, Traveling.

The Starred filter helps you focus on the messages you marked as most important, and the Unread filter displays only unread messages, or messages you’ve marked as unread. You can also filter by listing (if you have more than one) and stage of trip:

  • Reservation requests
  • Upcoming reservations
  • Currently hosting
  • Past reservations

Archive and Airbnb Support filters

It’s easy to archive messages in the Archive folder, and your conversations with Airbnb customer support are filtered into the Airbnb Support folder. Archived messages will return to the All messages folder if a guest sends a new message.

Managing messages with a team

If you host with a team, every team member with guest management permissions will receive the same messages, but they can customize their own inboxes using the star, read/unread, and archive tools. These team members can also view and interact with support threads for hosting tickets created by their teammates.

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