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    Príprava na hostiteľstvo

    Both professionals and first-timers alike can always benefit from a little bit of prep. Here’s how to knock hosting out the park and set yourself up for a great review.

    Get your calendar in shape

    Managing your calendar is a big part of hosting—it keeps things convenient for you and your guests.

    Organize guest information

    • If you want guests to verify ID before booking, make sure you’ve set that up
    • Get to know guests beforehand by checking out their profiles or starting a conversation to set the tone for their stay
    • Write check-in instructions and include contact information, wifi passwords, your neighborhood guide, house rules, and any other information guests need to get situated and comfortable

    Prepare your place

    • Consider self check-in to provide access if you’re not around
    • Bulk-buy amenities to offer guests—soap, bottled water, or snacks are a good start
    • Have a few extra sets of sheets and towels on hand so you don't have to wait on laundry
    • Consider professional cleaning and management services—many Hosts include a cleaning fee to offset the cost

    Visit the Resource Center for tips on how to create a great guest experience—like creating a check-in guide.

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