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Ideal Vacation home, close to over 178 festivals, walking distance to downtown and at only 4 minutes walk of subway.

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Updated Terms and Conditions of Operations

Last Updated May 28th, 2018

May 25, 2018 a new European privacy law, known as The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect. The new policy aims to raise the bar for data protection, security and compliance in the industry as well as establish a fundamental level of privacy rights for our users. We have also taken the upcoming changes as an opportunity not only to update our privacy policy to reflect the requirements of GDPR but also to review and improve the ways we collect, store and process personal data in order to ensure an overall higher level of security protection for our guests.  Reservations, Modifications, Cancellations (RMC’s) and stays are subject to your acceptance of our Booking/Reservation Policy, Cancellation Policy, Modificartion Policy, Terms and Conditions of Operations (TACO)’s,  Terms of Stay, Terms of Service, AirBnB House Rules (when you booked via AirBnB), PRIVACY & DATA PROTECTION POLICY, our Personal Information Protection Policy and our Electronic Documents Notice. Hostel Experiences: Guest Release and Waiver, Electronic Surveillance Notice,  and a DISPUTE RESOLUTION POLICY, collectively all these documents are known as the “The Terms” and your consent is required to lodge in our hostel. Please read these Terms carefully.  If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message via airbnb or visit our self service portal for more details.

GENERAL HOUSE RULES; Keep your environment tidy, do not slam any door, that includes our entrance door, bedroom or bathroom doors. When you leave the premises to go out, make sure the door is closed behind you. HYGENE POLICY: You are obligated to take a shower daily. If you do not honor this request, you will be asked to leave. On Arrival Day, take a shower prior to laying in your bed, you must also take a shower daily during your stay not doing so will result in denial of service and an end of stay.  BATHROOM POLICY: When you take a shower, activate the ventilation system. You limit your shower user to 10 minutes between 07:00 to 11:45 and to 20 minutes between 11:45 and 06:45. NUDITY POLICY: Nudity is never permitted in any common areas including living room, hallways or kitchen except in designated areas such as change rooms, private spaces such as private rooms.  NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY: Building a world where everybody belongs is a core value of our business. To this end, we make our lodging facilities inclusive for all guests regardless of sex, race, age or sexual orientation. We welcome all people of all creeds and color and religion. Members of the LGBTQQIP2SAA Shorthand for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, pansexual, 2-spirited, asexual, and allies will always find a safe and welcoming environment in our establishment. We are TAG approved and adhere to their principal of education and contribution. We are an inclusive property (inclusive of humanity) but not exclusive (NOT only for LGBTQQIP2SAA) which means WE also ACCEPT EVERYBODY else that doesn’t identify as belonging to or being a member of the LGBTQQIP2SAA community. ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY:  Bullying, Harassment including, but not limited to, racial or sexual slurs, name calling, racist or sexist jokes, negative stereotyping, physical assault, bullying, threats, demeaning pictures, posters and graffiti. Any act of disrespect, incivility, acts of verbal violence, homophobia, transphobia or any other acts that are unethical or display a lack of integrity will lead to your immediate removal and expulsion of our premises. CURFEWS & RESTRICTIONS: There are no curfew at this facility, however, you must leave the hostel for a minimum of six (6) hours a day during your stay. This is to allow our staff sufficient time to inspect dorms, perform our housekeeping functions and clean the rooms adequately.   VISITORS OF GUESTS; Visitors are permitted provided you give advance warning to your host that you intend to bring an unregistered guests.PAYMENT AND CREDIT CARD ACCEPTANCE:

MANAGERIAL PEROGATIVE: Management may at its’ sole discretion request payment for your stay in cash.  We accept US Dollar (USD), Canadian Dollars (CAD), English Pounds (£) and Euros (€) in our offices. DENIAL OF SERVICE  [DOS] POLICY: Management or its employees or agents, reserves its’ right to refuse service to anyone, with or without cause. TERMINATION OF STAY: Anyone in breach of the terms and conditions of operation (TACO), or/and interferes with our business operations shall have their STAY TERMINATED without further notice or delay. If your STAY IS TERMINATED or is ended prematurely because you misbehaved or failed to respect your word, a refund will be applied according to the terms of your reservation. If your reservation terms are NON-REFUNDABLE, no refunds will be applied to your account and you will be asked to leave. If your stay was refundable, we will withhold three days as compensation in form of payment and refund the rest of your stay by the same means as your payment method.

ALTERNATE FORMS OF PAYMENT; You can also add an alternate payment type during your check-in or pay in cash or via acceptable crypto currency, if your stay was already prepaid to a travel agent, a refund will be issued on the same card you used to book your stay. Credits appear within 30 days of processing.  Finally, all check-in payments are final and non-refundable. BLOCKCHAIN POLICY:  Electronic Lodging Contracts and use of Blockchain Technology is permissible at this property. CURRENCY ACCEPTANCE POLICY: Payments in Cryptocurrency are honoured only upon receipt of payment in our designated wallets. We are not responsible for delays in processing by the network and no bed assignment or check-in will occur until payment receipt. RESERVATION POLICY: THIRD PARTY BOOKINGS; If you are travelling in groups, the booker must be travelling with you and is required to be present at the moment of your check-in.  We cannot accept third party bookings without the booker presence to sign his agreements and assume group liability. If such occurs, we can at our discretion cancel your booking or ask you to pay cash and to place another credit card on file. AUTHORIZATION TO CHARGE; You authorize us to charge the credit card you provided at time of placing your online booking with the travel agent or upon check-in to the establishment for deposits and incidentals incurred and necessary as part of your reservation and your stay, in accordance with our terms and conditions, including any extensions of stay or/and all incidentals and / or damages resulting from your stay. Charges are emailed to the email you provided at check-in and act as a notice prior to charging your card. This allows time for you to review the charges and report errors, if any.. DELAYS: You have 12 hours to notify us of an error or concern on all charges, after such time our ability to alter billing records is restricted. In the event of a discrepancy, you must email us via airbnb. DISPUTE RESOLUTION POLICY.  If you pay by charge or credit card for your group or for your reservation, the following policy is applicable. If you notice an error, you must open a service request by e-mailing us. You must do so prior to your departure or within 12 hours of your departure to help us respond faster and possibly reverse an error. If you do not follow this procedure and contact your bank to file a dispute without reaching out to us first, your claim will entitle us to RECOVER COSTS when the bank sides in our favor, we reserve the right to RECOVER our COSTS and bill your card our cost for handling your banking dispute. DISPUTE RECOVERY FEEs NOTICE: The costs are the following first chargeback: $65.00 U.S. Dollars Reversal Fee, PLUS $90.00 U.S. Dollars Representation Fee. Second chargeback: $130.00 U.S Dollars Reversal Fee PLUS $180.00 U.S. Dollars Representation Fee. To these amounts you must add 15% local taxes. STANDARD INTEREST: Any outstanding balances owed to the property will incurre minimum finance charge of $15.00 per month plus an annual interest charges of 29.9%, CALCULATION METHOD:  average daily balance being the sum of your balance on each day of the billing divided by the number of days in the billing cycle. Here is the calculation for the average daily balance method: average daily balance * APR * days in billing cycle / 365 SERVICE GUARANTEE: Upon making any reservation or booking be it for a dorm bed space or a private room we guarantee the following shall always be provided and made available to you ; (a) A clean environment to live within, (b) Clean bed with bedsheets and pillows cases, (c) Access to clean dishes and a functional kitchen and (d) Access to a clean bathroom. If you encounter any issues with regards to any of the above, please inform our staff so that we may remedy the situation. You have exactly 30 minutes from check-in to report any issues with your bed or room to our front desk staff. After this time, it will be deemed that the rooms was satisfactory and met your expectations. NEVER STRANDED POLICY: In the event of a customer dispute, honest mistake in booking or an overbookings, we promise to do the following to assist you. (1) Make all arrangements and offer you alternate accommodations of equivalent or better standards as what you booked. (2) We will pay the difference in costs. (3) Minimize inconveniences as much as possible. (4) Provide transportation to the alternate accommodation if necessary. In the event that we are unable to find you space, we will refund all booking deposits and provides resources to help you find lodging. CHECK-INS POLICY: We require two pieces of identification such as drivers license or passport and a credit card to cover incidentals during your stay or a cash deposit. BAG DROP NOTICE: You can drop your bags anytime prior to your registration or check-in. STORAGE FEE:  Prior to 2:00 PM, you will have a $6.00 fee for the first bag and $2.50 for each additional bag., After 2:00 PM  bag drop becomes complimentary. REGISTRATION HOURS: From 18:00 (6 PM) to 22:00 (10 PM), local time. CHECK-OUT HOURS: Anytime before 11:00 AM. Vacate your bed by no later than 10:00AM to allow housekeeping to begin its work. You have an hour grace to leave the room, after such time late check-out fees occur at the rate of $6.00 per hour, up to the daily room cost. BEDS ARE RESERVED AND ASSIGNED: You do not sit on or occupy any other bed than the bed you have been assigned by the system. You do not throw your personal stuff over an unoccupied bed. BUNK BED OCCUPANCY POLICY: One person per bed only. WEIGHT LIMIT POLICY: The weight limit is set at 250 Lbs or 113.98 Kg. LATE ARRIVAL POLICY: When your hour of arrival is after our business hours you lose your rate, room type and bed assignment, You will also be required to pay for your stay in CaSH. Your booking is also subject to our NO-SHOW POLICY: Arrivals after 22:00 are subject to a $22.50/h service charge which we apply towards defraying staffing and administrative costs.  The lawful maximum which we shall charge WILL NEVER exceed your daily room rate or $240.00 whichever is less pursuant to the consumer protection laws.  REMEDYING A NO-SHOWS: You can request a REINSTATEMENT OF BOOKING: The fee is $15.00 plus applicable AFTER HOURS fees and taxes. AFTER HOURS CHECK-IN FEE’s: A minimum of two hours at $25/h shall be billed to your account starting at 22:01. After midnight, (00:00), your booking will be marked as NO-SHOW and we shall report NO-SHOW to our partners. TWO HOUR RULE: Provided you show up before midnight on the day of your check-in we will do our best to accommodate your arrival. Any arrival after midnight will have its reservation marked as NO-SHOW and your ROOM TYPE will not be guaranteed. RIGHT TO RESALE : In the case of a NO-SHOW or tardy arrival we will resale your room or space. When you arrive later (i.e. 2 A.M.) you may be lodged in a different accommodation than that which you originally booked. NOTABLE EXCEPTIONS TO OUR GUARANTEED ROOM TYPE AND BED ASSIGNMENT POLICY: When your arrival is after our business hours you lose your rate, room type and bed assignment, You will also be required to pay for your stay in CaSH. Your booking is also subject to our NO-SHOW POLICY ROOM TYPES AND RATES ARE NOT GUARANTEED; IF YOU ARE LATE FOR YOUR CHECK-IN or ASK FOR AN EXTENSION.  BILLING POLICY: We will pre-authorize or/and charge your card upon receiving your reservation. If your card declines you automatically lose your bed type and a $15.00 Non Sufficient Fund or Administration Fee will be added to your reservation cost.  ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE NOTICE: The property has electronic surveillance equipments installed whose purpose is to control and monitor common areas and deter thefts, vandalism, identify guests and provide general security. By booking and/or staying with us you acknowledge and consent to our electronic monitoring and surveillance of our premises, including our right to store this data on our cloud platform for extended periods as required and permitted by law. SECURITY POLICY: Security is everyone’s concern and it is a shared responsibility. You agree to close doors behind you when you leave, you keep your bedroom door closed at all times. You do not share your door entry codes with anybody. You do not answer the front doors or let strangers inside the premises. If you see something strange you report it to staff. INCIDENTALS. We make available at your disposal services which are added costs. The following is our list of common costs. Laundry Services cost $6.01, Meals range between $4.01 and $15.95 depending on your order. Housekeeping services are $22.00/h. Tours and Guides range from $15.00 to $380.00 depending on the tour or packages you select. Mobile SIM cards are $11.00. Car or limo services start from $50.00. Car rentals start at $50.00 per day etc., Other fees may be incurred based on your consumption of other service offering.  COMMUNITY MAIL ROOM SERVICE: You can use our address to receive mail provided you register for the service. The cost is $15.00 per month, billable in 4 month increments. If you use this service without registering or letting us know, the cost of $60 per month will be billed to your card, minimum billable terms is 4 months. ANY LEGAL NOTICES WE RECEIVE ON YOUR BEHALF, SEIZURES OR ANY OTHER PROCEDURES RECEIVED AND OUR COSTS AND LEGAL FEES ASSOCIATED WITH OUR DEFENSE WILL BE PROMPTLY RECOVERED.  You give your express authorization to us to open your mail, scan the document and forwarded it to the e-mail you have on file for you.

DAMAGES AND EXTRA FEE’S (INCIDENTALS). In the unlikely event that you break or damage something during your stay, the following exception expense will be taken from the security deposit in case of destruction or damages. Unreturned room keys incur a charge of $15.00; Stained sheets (not regular wear and tear, but stained) incur a $46 replacement fee; Stain quilt will incurs a replacement fee of $65.00; Unreturned towels or stained towels incur a fee of $15.00, Broken Glass $5.00 etc. Other fees may be incurred based on damages but the above are the most common costs.  In case of damage claim we will send you a bill to the email  you provided when you check-in prior to taking a payment. Receipts will be forwarded to your email.  PRIVACY & DATA COLLECTION:  Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, we only collect only minimal information which is necessary to the conduct of our business, this includes information to identify you, track financial transactions, reduce, deter and prosecute frauds and eliminate business losses, increase accountability of parties, increase transparency in our business dealings and create services that are top notch and affordable. By providing us with your information during check-in, you agree to our PRIVACY & DATA PROTECTION POLICY in accordance to our Personal Information Protection Policy and our Electronic Documents Notice. You consent to receiving electronic documents including agreements and updates. You also consent to us safeguarding and protecting your information in compliance with local law and our data collection policy. You agree that we may share your personal information with our worldwide affiliates and our insurers and other governmental bodies as required by law. We and our insurers or/and affiliates may collect, use and disclose your information as described in our Privacy and Personal Information Protection Notice to: identify you; provide you with ongoing service; help us serve you better; protect us, you and them from fraud and error; and comply with legal and regulatory requirements. All information on file for registered guest may be disclosed. All information may also be shared with any person or entity to which we have assigned or transferred an interest in the Account, or any debt or interest due under the terms to be provided in the Account Agreement, and/or any of our rights and obligations under the Account Agreement (including any subsequent assignee or transferee). The use of the facility means the guest agree to be bound by the our Privacy Policy Notice and the Agreement sent to you and any replacements or updates to those agreements in connection with your stay. QUALITY OF LIFE; Do not throw cigarette butts inside or outside of the building or our grounds. Do not make noise on the balcony or talk after 22:00, you may however use these spaces to smoke your cigarettes. Do not walk with high heel shoes or stomp inside common areas after 22:00 (10:00 p.m.). DAILY RATE INCLUSIONS: Your daily rate does not include maid service. INTERVENTION NOTICE: Avoid fees’ by being responsible and cleaning up after yourself. $15.00 housekeeping fee is applied to anyone who needs service. FREE GYM ACCESS POLICY; Gym Access is subject to the (offsite) independant gym is exclusively subject to their hours of operations, their terms and conditions of use. FREE SWIMMING POOL POLICY: Access to community pool is subject to their opening hours and is located twenty-five meters from our location. FOOD CONSUMPTIONS; There is no food consumptions inside dorms, this includes drinks. KITCHEN USE; NO cooking between 08:00 and 10:30 and between 16:30 and 18:30 or after 11:00 p.m. without host permission and this is due to insurance requirements. KITCHEN RIGHTS & PRIVILEGES: You can use our kitchen at all times unless prohibited. Use is conditional to user clean the kitchen as instructed, failure to do so will subject you to a $15.00 housekeeping fee. To avoid this you cleanup after use, wash your pots and pans, plates or stove, counters, sink and return the dishes to their rightful place. ONLINE REVIEW POLICY: Reviews are very helpful to us as they allow us to provide better experiences for our guests and to improve services. We encourage you to leave reviews which are fair and based on your experience. SAFER SPACE NOTICE: When a stay is ended because of a breach of our agreement, our experience will be shared with others in our network of affiliated hostels and hotels in order to keep hostel experiences safer and affordable for everyone on our network. This may result in you being denied service in others hostel worldwide. We will deny service or end your stay on the spot if you interfere with our business operations, display or express homophobia or hateful behavior towards any guests, staff or friends of the hostel. i.e., If you disturb others in a way that is repeated after being advised to stop such behavior. We will also make public the grounds of your eviction or denial of service and we will post a advisory review of our experience of you on twitter, facebook and other social media tools.
PRICING, BASE CURRENCY AND TAXES; The pricing is always in American Dollars. All pricing excludes taxes, unless otherwise noted
Ideal Vacation home, close to over 178 festivals, walking distance to downtown and at only 4 minutes walk of subway.

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Updated Terms and Conditions of Operations

Last Updated May 28th, 2018

May 25, 2018 a new European privacy law, known as The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect. The new policy aims to raise the bar fo…


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4460 Ave Christophe-Colomb, Montreal, QC H2J 3G5, Canada

Hostiteľ: Renaud

  1. Členom od roku máj 2018
  • 218 hodnotení
  • Jazyky: English, Français, Español
  • Miera odozvy: 100%
  • Rýchlosť odpovede: v priebehu niekoľkých hodín

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Príchod: 14:00 – 22:00
Odchod: 11:00
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